Our Staff

Chris Theobald      Principal                                           chris@holyfamily.school.nz

Gina Lefaoseu       Deputy Principal                              gina@holyfamily.school.nz

Diana Fa’apo        Office Manager                                  office@holyfamily.school.nz

Lucia Lefaoseu      Office Support/Librarian                lucia@holyfamily.school.nz

Ashleigh McInnes  Room 11 teacher (New Entrants)  ashleigh@holyfamily.school.nz  

Fiona Leatuavao    Room 10 teacher (New Entrants)  fiona@holyfamily.school.nz  

Faye Levanatabua  Room 7 Teacher (New Entrants)  faye@holyfamily.school.nz    

Sharon Clarke       Room 1 teacher (Year 1)                 sharon@holyfamily.school.nz

Kararaina Iasona  Room 2 teacher (Yr 1)                      kararaina@holyfamily.school.nz

Kate Wasson         Room 2 teacher (Yr 1)                      kate@holyfamily.school.nz       

Anne-Marie Kortens       Room 6 teacher (Year 2)        anne-marie@holyfamily.school.nz

Dan Greer           Room 8 teacher (Year 2/3)                 dan@holyfamily.school.nz

Mary-Jane Godinet         Room 9 teacher (Yr 3)            mary-jane@holyfamily.school.nz

The Village:

Fuatino Leaupepe-Tuala  Room 3 teacher (Yr 4/5/6)            fuatino@holyfamily.school.nz

Toleafoa Peter Setefano   Room 4 teacher (Year 4/5/6)        peter@holyfamily.school.nz

           Assistant Principal and Director of Religious Studies (DRS)

Juliette Toma        Room 5 teacher (Yr 4/5/6)                          juliette@holyfamily.school.nz

Fisiena Lupo-Samoa   CRT Teacher / ESOL Teacher   fisi@holyfamily.school.nz

Pauling Scahill          Reading Recovery Teacher          paulines@holyfamily.school.nz

Celia Roche               Breakfast Chief                              celia@holyfamily.school.nz

Metua Tengaru         Family So’otaga                             metua@holyfamily.school.nz     

Annie Patelesio        Learning Support                           anniep@holyfamily.school.nz

Annabell Malaulau   Learning Support                           annabell@holyfamily.school.nz

Adelaide Matthews  Learning Support                            adelaide@holyfamily.school.nz

Ave Atoni                   Learning Support                           ave@holyfamily.school.nz

Abba Manu                Learning Support                           abba@holyfamily.school.nz

Trish Pedro               Learning Support                            trish@holyfamily.school.nz

Pita Faaea            Caretaker  

Tui Meavao           Van Driver                          

Tun-Ei Michael     Contractor

Our teaching staff are focusing on the fundamentals of excellent pedagogy (teaching and learning). We have created this framework ourselves and are all moving from where we are to somewhere better. 

Each of these fundamentals are on a continuum from very basic to very advanced. We are aiming to have our teachers learning from one another and drawing on our personal strengths and expertise in order to move our own practice forward every day. 

Feel free to speak to Gina or Chris about our PD focus if you would like more information.