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We know that parents want to know exactly what is going on at school for their child/ren. We also know that parents and whānau don't want a whole lot of teacher technical words getting in the way of knowing exactly how well their tamariki is achieving.

The reports that we give whānau about student achievement are the same for all students. However, when these reports are given out are different for Juniors and Seniors.

All students are given two reports each year, one Achievement Report and one Progress Report.

The Achievement Report is a large two page report that covers Reading, Writing, Maths and others areas of development.

The Progress Report is a small tick sheet of how your child is progressing towards National Standards for their year level. These reports will be given out at a talanoaga meeting.

Year 1-3 students
Junior students need the most accurate data possible so we give out Progress Reports after 2 terms at school, 6 terms and 10 terms.  
Achievement Reports will be given out in the term that your child turns 6, 7 and 8.
Year 4-6 students
Senior Students receive Progress Reports in June and Achievement Reports at the end of the year.
We encourage all parents to come into school and speak to their child's teacher or the principal (Sue) if you have any questions at all about how your child is doing at school.


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