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We are a uniform school. All parents and caregivers are informed of this when their child is enrolled. Correct uniform is to be worn to school everyday.

Every child in uniform is a reflection of Holy Family School. Our children should wear their uniform proudly.

Girls Uniform

  • Tunic Box pleat in royal blue black tartan and/or Navy Blue Skort

  • Jersey Kairanga Brand - royal blue or dark colour

  • Sweatshirt 

  • Shoes Black Shoes

  • Socks Long or short - colour white

  • Summer: Plain Blouse white

  • School Sun Hat- brimmed only

  • Sandals Roman - black, blue & brown

  • Winter: Plain white long-sleeved blouse or skivvy

  • Tights navy or royal blue




Boys Uniform

  • Jersey Kairanga Brand- royal blue colour

  • Sweatshirt 

  • Socks Grey with blue band or grey plain

  • Shoes Black Shoes

  • Summer: Plain grey short sleeved cotton shirt

  • Shorts - grey cotton

  • School Sun Hat - brimmed only

  • Sandals Roman - black, blue & brown

  • Winter: Long-sleeved grey winter shirt or grey skivvy

  • Winter weight grey shorts

Please visit the following site for all Holy Family School Uniform orders:

Back of checkered skirt - Abigail.jpg
Front full tunic - Joan.jpg
Full boys uniform with jersey-Kyrie.jpg
Back of full tunic - Joan.jpg
boys grey uniform - Raquel.jpg
Shirt and checkered Skort -  Abi.jpg


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